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For the past weeks, lots of controversies have trailed the engagement of Triple MG boss, Ubi Franklin to Nollywood actress, Lillian Esoro. The present state of their love affair is still unknown as the actress had since deleted all the pictures she snapped with Franklin, which she earlier put on her Instagram page. She even went further to delete her account on the popular platform. But a twist that was introduced into the story was the claim by Emma Nyra, Triple MG Artiste, that she never dated Franklin as some had speculated sometimes ago. As a matter of fact, she swore that she never had any romantic relationship with the cute guy. But contrary to her claim, Franklin told The Cable in an interview that he actually dated his artiste, but that it ended abruptly. “I was dating Emma Nyra and the relationship didn’t go as I thought it should have gone,” he candidly revealed. Ubi Franklin who normally shies away from the media was candid about his affair with Emma Nyra and the drama it caused. “When you’re dating somebody and you are the boss, there are things you can’t tell your wife or your girlfriend. But if you say it to an employee you are dating, they tend to misbehave. Like, if you tell the others to do something, they will obey without thinking about it. It’s not only me but it has happened to a lot of people, but that is the business lesson I’ve learnt in my life. “That relationship made me cut off a lot of people and it also made me feel like everybody wanted the same ‘cake’ I was having. I spent a lot of time trying to beef people when I am not supposed to. It really dealt me a big blow. I decided in the end that it doesn’t make any sense and we both understood that and moved on” he further stated. He also mentioned how he invested heavily on the sexy female artiste. “I don’t think that I have spent as much money on Iyanya as I’ve spent on Emma Nyra. Emma has like nine videos at about N3.5m” he revealed. Speaking on how he met Lillian, he said, ”I met her after I had broken up with Emma, about four months after. Immediately I saw her, I said ‘You are my wife’. She took it like ‘I don’t know what this guy is saying’. She’s everything I can ever ask God for. She’s very brilliant, she can cook. She’s usually quiet and more reserved. She’s not one of those actresses who are just out there and all over the place. “She’s very subtle with everything she does. Even to post pictures on Instagram. The reason many people never knew we were dating is that she didn’t want us to post any pictures on Instagram. I wanted to put up pictures but she told me that if we made it a social media relationship, then it wouldn’t last. She’s everything I can ever ask God for. “I have dated different girls in my lifetime but I believe when you meet a woman that you are going to marry you would know. You might date someone for 10 years and still not get married but the day you meet the person that you are going to marry, you will know.”
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