The third member and rapper who started out with the Bracket didn’t leave at his own free will as The other duo of ‘Yori Yori’ singers, Bracket have mentioned on several TV interviews claiming the third member of the group left for school. We recently received a mail from the third member, Bistop. The mail read: “Jealousy came from my group ’cause I’ve got more swagga. Ego came from our sponsor ’cause I was my group’s leader in decision making. He used money to make my group (Bracket) betray me because he sees me as a threat to his harsh ways of conduct. They betrayed me after after ten years of being together. They call me Bistop, the origin of bracket“. He also claims he was denied the opportunity to tell the press about the betrayal before now. “I was forced into going solo after a 90% near to completion of “least expected’” (Bracket’s most recent album). They laid allegation behind me, made their judgment behind me and made their decision behind me. By deleting my voices from my songs, sold it to a marketer, went for concerts without giving me a dime from ten years of my sweat. I remember when I’d call their phone, they would not pick up, out of trying to shut me out from being heard from” and when the duo got word of Bistop’s intention to release a single titled – Celebrate they got across asking him not to. “I said to them ‘nothing personal, I have to tell the world what you did to me‘”. Bistop is working on an album with his single – Celebrate ready for release By Dro Ameh your social media marketing partner