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As the music community awaits a new tune different from the band wagon flow of songs clouding Nigeria’s music terrain, a few are burning late night fuel with determination to change the direction of the tide and one of the few, hot and new on the block is Olasunkanmi Ademola Pedro, a.k.a Kay L, a.k.a Razz Butter Boi and this ain’t no joke. His singles “Razz Butter Boy”* and *“Oloja Selling”* off his upcoming album ‘*RAZZ BUTTER BOY*’ are already enjoying spins from radio stations across Nigeria. Reports reaching us from the Diaspora reveal that Kay L is really getting considerable attention from Naija DJs international. Kay L’s drive and humility is already portraying him as one of the potential ‘big thing’ Nigeria should look out for. His harmonious flow and brilliant delivery cuts an edge for him and this is not leaving out his prejudice for derogatory language in the name of Hiphop. “I don’t believe you must curse in a bid to pass a message or spit a punch line all in the name of rapping or to be Hiphop”. Although he’s not claiming ‘Holy Pass’ but his music speaks more of moral hustle than basic groove. His coming debut album *RAZZ BUTTER BOY *already marks collaborations with M.I, XO and DJ Vinnie while other songs will have YQ, Dagrin, and lots more in the mix. This album will mark a new stride for moral orientation while you dance in the club. The talented dude is being managed and promoted by Jarmzone Entertainment – a Lagos based music Promotion Company run by James Silas.
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