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"While I was away, Ikechukwu joined Mo'Hits. Obviously you can expect me to be disappointed but I don't feel betrayed. It happened while I was away in school and to be honest, all I could do was to wish him the best. I couldn't say, oh no, you should stay with Storm Records, I didn't really know the reason why he left. But the Mo'Hits people are my friends as well. Obviously as he joined Mo'Hits, running WFA (World Famous Academy) was no longer a combined effort. It was just like a solo effort for me. WFA can't be dead because it was something that was created by Ikechukwu, and it is now a brand that needs patience. But the way I look at it, I am not with Mo'Hits, I am with Storm Records, so it is not going to work that way." Naeto C tells City People Magazine
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