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Tall, handsome, talented and persevering are some of the words that would have described Olumuyiwa Olofintuade popularly known as Jazzman Olofin but unfortunately, he fits into just one of the boxes. For some strange reason, a good number of music buffs, especially those who have stuck to the visible transition of the Nigerian music industry like a leech largely consider Olofin a one-track star or what is known in other climes as 'a flash in a pan.' When he broke into the heart of the industry with his hit single, 'Shake Something,' Olofin was hurled into limelight as the song revved its way into the charts, clubs, party grounds and back to the streets where it came from. However, just when his teeming fans were psyching themselves up for the next big thing from the artiste who hails from Ekiti State, Olofin pulled a musical hamstring and consequently pulled out of the library of artistes whose musical offerings held the industry sway at the time. When NFC recently ran into the singer at an event at Victoria Island in Lagos and as expected, he spoke about his brand of music, why he took a break away from the music scene, his latest musical projects and his memories as a child growing up on the streets of Lagos State. The fact that majority of his songs usually dwell on subject matters related to girls, women and their sexuality has further placed him on a pedestal, where Casanovas and playboys operate; especially in the eyes of his die-hard fans. In this interview, Olofin shed light on the various misconceptions about his personality ad how he hopes to take back his place as an artiste who knows his onions and has what it take to weather the competitive storm that the music industry has become. Meet Jazzman Olofin My name is Olumiyiwa Olofintuade. I hail from Ekiti State Musically, you came out with a brand of music that a lot of people easily related with but you equally appeared to take a break away from music. Why have you been away from the music scene? I've been taking care of my private life and other private businesses. I dropped an album about two years ago. Don't you feel you ought to have consolidated on the strength of that album by dropping more singles or even another album? Well, I'll be dropping another album very soon and I'm sure that by the time it drops, my fans would put on their party shoes and get to the dance floor. The flavour of your music apparently has its roots in Lagos State. Why exactly is this especially when one considers the fact that you hail from Ekiti State? I was born and bred in Lagos State and I always want that to reflect in my music. My primary education was in Lagos State. My secondary education was equally in Lagos State and interestingly, I attended a university in Lagos State as well; University of Lagos (UNILAG) precisely so I guess that makes me a typical Lagos guy. How come you usually sing about women and beautiful girls? I don't know. I wouldn't call myself a womanizer, but I love fine things. I like playing a lot because I'm a fun-loving man and that's just the way it is. There's no way you can have fun without a woman. I also sing about other things but we've got to do what we've got to do. What was your growing-up like for you? Well, it was great and it came with its challenges. Most people with genuine talent have a peculiar way of growing up. They're never like the everyday kid. Thye're very different in a special way but it's all good. My father for instance wasn't down with the music thing at all. My father wanted me to be a lawyer. Next big thing I did a song with DaGrin and I'll be shooting the video very soon.
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