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Crooner abolore akande a.k.a 9ice is about to give his former friend rapper ruggedman the 'best'birthday present ever!. Following their telephone conversation(regarding whether ruggedman was the one 9ice mentioned in his 'once bitten...''song that had to do with 9cie catching his lover giving his friend blow job)which ruggedman secretly regarded and released on the internet,airwaves,etc..9ice is really miffed and as retaliation went back into the studio to record a song which disses his former friend with strong words. the song which is a mixture of yoruba/english is done with seriki and is titled ''talk,i am listening'' excerpts ''''seriki omo oo,calm down september 20 talk,i am listening,talk i am reading it,iwofa lenu oun toba welenu kofenu e so, adigun mon sa'ye mi lo seriki bu rugged,kole so pe ko nice awon ko lo bu to ti rise ah no be rugged wey dey straf him dancer awo pe ko le pe ko le ro tim ba so pe steven,ke so pe keshi tim ba so pe rugged ke so pe osi steven keshi,rugged oshi you know t-boy abi? you wan spoil their garri abi? bastard,bastarrrd......'' Ruggedman was contacted and asked if he had any knowledge about the forthcoming birthday suprise and he had this to say ''i hear 9ice is releasing his album on my birthday and i feel honoured and wish him luck,i will also help him hype it too.i already hyped it a while back on twitter when I heard of his suprise gift for me''. COULDNT 9ICE HAVE BEEN THE BIGGER MAN AND MOVED ON??? please as you read this,make a date with september 20th. Hoping 9ice does not chicken out on september 20th!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE RUGGED!..lol
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