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Darey’s sophomore is titled ‘Double Dare’ (he would be playing with the four-letter word that makes up his first name again, His most popular pay-off line when he worked as an OAP at Cool FM was ‘How dare you dare Dare?’ And his last album, released in March 2009, was titled ‘UnDareyTed’.) Earlier in October, he released two singles – ‘The way you are’ and ‘Don’t let me know’. A video for the latter was released only last week. ‘We’re finally ready!’ he says excitedly. ‘I can’t wait to share what we’ve put together with my friends from all over the world’. ‘DOUBLE DARE’ is a two-part album – coming in two CDs (each CD is titled ‘HEART’ and ‘BEAT’ respectively – together read as HEARTBEAT).. Yesterday, he released two new singles – ‘Ba Ni Kidi’ and ‘Sisi Eko’ via his Twitter page (@darey). In an unexpected, unsual and funny twist, Darey delivers a song in Pidgin and largely in Hausa with ‘Ba Ni Kudi’. Assumably, In a bid to ‘double dare’, Ba Ni Kidi is distant from previous effort (any record released by Dare) – There would be alot of experimenting on the album. ‘There’s going to be a lot of love and romance on the album, as you’d expect of Darey. But there’s also going to be a lot of fun; even naughty and mischievous stuff’ a privileged source reportedly said. ‘There’s another song called ‘Belly’; you might want to watch out for that’, he added. ‘I recorded Ba Ni Kidi with the kind help of my friends’ Cobhams, eLDee and Bayo who speak very good Hausa’ says Darey. ‘We were just messing around really’. ‘‘Sisi Eko”, a ballad done in Yoruba is Produced by Cobhams and Darey himself. DOUBLE DARE will be released in a matter of weeks into the Nigerian market, while a UK debut, tentatively titled ‘DAREY’ is expected to follow.
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