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There is probably no better way to wrap up the year 2010 than the manner in which petite title rapper and music star, Mo Cheddah did. Talking about her career, the title, ‘fast rising star’ which many people apply to describe the sensational performer who is till in her teens is more than apt. But as far as many music buffs are concerned, even that is not good enough to sufficiently describe her anymore due to her massive accomplishments. Not sure you would after taking stock of her numerous nominations in several awards in 2010 as well as victories in the Channel O Music Awards and of course, the biggest of them all, the MTV Africa Music Awards, popularly known as the MAMAs. Speaking to Saturday Independent, shortly after clinching the MAMA award, Mo’Cheddah, originally named Modupe Oreoluwa Ola, said: “Once I got the information that I have been nominated for this category of the award, I was greatly excited, I was pretty overwhelmed and maybe the right thing to say even is that I was completely numb because I was not expecting it at all, at least not at this stage. I am usually very excited but when I heard that one, it was really a wow thing for me because I said to myself again and again, ‘this is for a MAMA award.’” Although not one artiste to reduce herself to the level of not expecting to win the award on that shiny night at Eko Hotel and Suites, she knew it was always going to be tough call, a feeling that gave way once she was announced the winner of the Best New: Act category of the MTV awards. “But whatever feeling I had at that time is not comparable with how I feel now that I have won the award. I feel so blessed and the other feelings I have cannot just be put into words right now. The best I can do when it comes to trying to pass it across is to tell you in simple words that I am really more than happy.” For Mo Cheddah, already being called the new hottest female artiste in a long time, mainly as a result of her versatility in delivering very well in the area of rap as well as singing, has an album, Franchise Celebrity, it is not a rumour that the supreme being is her greatest confidence, after which she considers her dad as her biggest fan. “God is the one that has been with me from the very beginning and all through, up till this point. God has opened doors that even I could never imagine. God has definitely blessed me beyond human reasoning and there is no way I can sum up what He has done and the importance of his favours and mercies up in one piece no matter how much time I have to do that.” For a young lady who is just 19 and still an undergraduate in the University of Lagos, raking in millions and performing at the best shows, winning the MTV award on a day her heroes, 2face and P Square, her role models also won big, is a dream come true but she said everything is entirely down to hard work and belief and she is ready to reap the rewards all the way. “I worked hard, I am still working very hard and of course we all know hard work always pays and because I know I worked hard, all I can say right now is that I am getting paid.” It’s definitely been a fantastic year for the Franchise Celebrity, with multiple award nominations, two major African Awards (Channel O for Most Gifted Female and MTV for Best New Act), one Nigerian Entertainment Award (Most Promising Act), including performing for the president, Mo’Cheddah can only thank God all the way but she is insistent on conquering the music scene, both home and abroad. “Now that I have won the MTV and I have this very special award in my collection, I consider it as a pace-setting accomplishment for me and I will just have to go from here and conquer the world as I go further. I am set to take over the world.” Mo Cheddah has an edge in the fact that she can sing well and as well is a convincing rapper. The rap part of the package, she said, is something she got better at doing along the line but the leaning how to sing and the other rudiments is down to a member of the Kighthouse group but the whole essence is to be hooked on music. “I just love music; music is something that drives me all the way and to any length. I am music and music is me; so every time in my mind, I am just thinking of let’s have as much as possible dosage of music in whatever for and so it is not something that is surprising to me that I can do these two well and I don’t really consider it an edge because it is just part of me to do the two.” Many female artistes out on the street are filled with ideas of male domination and that one must be really good to out shine the others due to the lumping of female acts in the female corner of most awards. Although aware of this trend, it does not affect Modupe as far as she knows because working to rise and get to the top is her only recipe for success. “Male domination is not something that bothers me and I would gladly tell any lady or girl like myself that is interested in music is to work very hard, believe extremely in God and what ever you do, never forget where you are coming from. Always set out your ambitions, your goals and do all you can all the time to follow it through. Don’t ever look back but you have to be aware that it is a very rough road but only your faith in God, determination to achieve something extraordinary and your dreams can take you there.” Being a 400-level undergraduate of Theatre Arts in Unilag is one of the features of her life that delights Mo Cheddah obviously and instead of feeling bigger than fellow Akokaites, as Unilag students are called, like many celebrities like her, Mo Cheddah often speaks highly of her school and the fellow students, even when she is on stage or picking up awards. MO Cheddah, whose songs are blaring on radio stations across the land, with equally fantastic videos on TV stations, also becoming the Youngest Nigerian to take home a MAMA Award, reveals the reason for this also to Saturday Independent: “I am still in the University of Lagos, in my final year actually and I am thanking my fellow students in the University of Lagos wholeheartedly for their gesture because once they knew that I was in the running for the award, they voted for me massively and I really appreciate them for that as they are one for the reasons I am a honoured and privileged recipient of this award.
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