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When Ikechukwu was signed to Storm Records, he formed a gang with Naeto C and his (Ikechukwu) brother – Uzi calling themselves World Famous Academy (WFA). Since his departure from Storm, Naeto C has backed out so he (Naeto C) said in a recent interview. Read excerpt below: What is the current state of the clique, ‘World Famous Academy’, that you formed with Ikechukwu? World Famous Academy is Ikechukwu’s record label now. That is what he is pushing now, we are still brothers and he is still a part of my life but World Famous Academy is for him now. I’m not focusing on that anymore. The thing about it is that I can’t say I’m completely out of World Famous Academy; it’s like saying we are not friends anymore because when we started it, it wasn’t started as a label but as a kind of brotherhood. But now, it is his label and I’ll be the wrong person to ask what he is doing with it. What was your reaction when you heard he left Storm Records? I was a little disappointed because he didn’t tell me and I had to find out in the newspapers first.
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