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Ayoola Johnson better known as A.Y. Com in this chat with Tunde Ayanda speaks about his music, the rift with Terry G, his coming album and many more. Can you let us into your background, childhood and education? I’m an indigene of Ondo State, from a family of six, three boys, three girls. I’m in the fifth position. I was born in Lagos. I started school at Wasinmi Community Primary School, later Wasinmi Senior High School where I later gained admission into Olabisi Onabanjo University where I studied Mass Communication. I grew up in a ghetto called Wasinmi in Maryland, Lagos. How did you notice your flair for music? I’ve loved singing since when I was a little boy. Anytime events like carnival or street jams held in my area, they would pick me out to sing and I noticed that anytime I sang, people tend to enjoy it. Later, I started organising my own street jams, I would invite some upcoming artistes, print posters and from there, I gained a wide acceptance. Professionally, how did it start? I will say that it started in 2005, but my first time in the studio was in 1996. I was then with a group called The Little Superstars, I think I was still in primary school then. Later, I met Nomoreloss. I was his boy for some years, even till now, he was the one that shot my first video. We used to go to shows, studios and club together, he was just more like a guiding angel for me. But later, I started working more on myself, I got to meet the people he introduced me to in the industry and that was when I actually discovered the musician in me. I always give him his dues because he was the one that put me on the big stage. Your hit track, Pass Me Ur Love, gave you a leverage and followership, what are you working on presently that will surpass the success of this album? Pass Me ur love is a good song, the album is fine! The album is filled with so many good songs where I featured a lot of other talented acts and I must be truthful, people are really expecting something new from me and asking why I’ve not yet come out with a new album. But you see, I just don’t want to drop an album for the sake of releasing a song based on my past experience, so I need time to work on anything I’m doing for now. What was the last experience? The marketer that handled the last album didn’t do it well at all. So, I need to get a better marketer and plan some logistics before I drop anything. I have two singles out now, Jayelo and Iletusu where I featured Jaywon, but I’m still working on the album and it’s dropping soon with features from Tuface, Timaya, Durella and others. It was on record that the last album also created an enmity between you and Terry G whom you featured in one of the tracks, have you two settled your differences? Yes, Terry G and I are not enemies and the misunderstanding between us is something we can both settle between ourselves, it was just the people that were spreading it and making it look as if it was bad, no. What determines your choice of music and where do you draw inspirations? My inspiration comes from God and the people around me. Aside Nomoreloss, who are the other artistes you admire in the industry? Tuface is the only artiste I look up to, he is the only artiste that lives an exemplary life that I want to emulate, the real talent, humility and that’s why the favour of God radiates in his life. Has there been any embarrassing moment for you as an artiste? Many times I wish I can just do my music without my face known to the people. There was a day that my car had a problem and the only option I had was to take an okada. I was on the bike and we had not moved more than 10 poles when I started receiving calls with people asking me what was wrong with my car, what I was doing on a bike, didn’t I know it wasn’t good for my image? all sort of things. I was so embarrassed and felt was I not a human being? Can’t I enjoy what others do? It was an embarrassing experience. Are you married? Yes, I got married last December. My wife’s name is Joy, she is a fashion designer. Being a married artiste, how do you handle your female fans? They are like my sisters. I first make them understand I am married and I think that helps a lot and save me from their intentions because they will all end up to love me for just my music with no strings attached. What is your biggest dream? I want to gain recognition like Fela, want to achieve a name, be a legend and for the people to remember me for something good.
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