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Sunday Osakuni, a.k.a Stereoman seems to be in a season of celebrations. After launching a brand new Range Rover SUV, he is set to become a bar owner. The Glo Ambassador, whose new album titled, Egheghe, Based on Tradition , will soon rock the airwaves, is currently putting plans together for a grand opening of a drinking bar and peppersoup joint called, Angle 90 Entertainment Bar. Ekwe’s new joint, situated along Marwa Road, Alakija, Lagos, is an ultra-modern pub complete with air-conditioning and plush seats. Confirming the report when SS caught up with him at the joint, Ekwe said, “My main reason for opening the place is because entertainers like me have few places where we meet and I decided to provide one. I had in mind to open a good bar where great minds can converge and reason. My passion is not just music. Another passion of mine is hotel management, because I studied hotel management. I want to put what I learnt into practice. Aside that, you sef know say I’m a shayo man, so I am opening this joint not just for drinks, but to also serve as an entertainment centre and a meeting place for entertainers and other people.”
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