Music Streams Income Insufficient, Bad Boy Timz Says

Singer, Olorunyomi Oloruntimilehin, aka Bad Boy Timz, has claimed that revenue generated from music streams is not substantial income for artists.

The Afrobeat singer noted that the a large part of the money made through music streams is returned back to music promotion.

Furthermore, Bad Boy Timz advised his colleagues to prioritise live shows, tours and sponsorship to generate more revenue.

Speaking in a recent interview, Timz said, “As an artist you cannot depend on music streams because it is not substantial. Most of the earnings from music streams are reinvested on promotion.

“So, what I do is go on tours. I’m always trying to get Visas to tour different countries. I have been touring for over a year now. So I advised my colleagues to make more money from shows and seek sponsorships.”