Foremost Hip Hop musician and producer, Okon Bassey a.k.a Pasto Goody Goody is said to be cooling his heels at the Police Force CID Panti on an alleged murder charge.

The Akwa Ibom star, sources disclosed, was picked up moment after a man he was said to have rushed to the Lagos General Hospital and who was alleged to have been engaged in a fight with one of the former’s boys died.

According to our source, trouble began for Pasto Goody in the early morning of Thursday last week when he returned to his Suru- Lere, Lagos home after a show.

“As soon as he returned, he went straight to his apartment to catch some sleep. Moments later, he was aroused from his sleep by the commotion coming from the gate of the compound.

On inquiry, he was told that one of his aides, a nineteen year old lad had been attacked by an older tenant who felt Pasto’ car had blocked his right of passage. And as argument ensued, the older tenant was said to have attacked the young lad.

In the ensuing fight that followed, the older tenant who was obviously the stronger of the two was alleged to have dealt several blows on the young man and in the process caused injurious harm to his face and body.

Unable to bear the humiliation and the pain anymore, he sought solace in a small rock which witnesses said he used more to defend himself than to cause harm to the older tenant. But you know that in a fight anything goes. All we saw was the older guy going down.

It was at this point that Pasto Goody Goody came into the picture. He carried the injured man into his car and made spirited efforts to get medical attention. All his efforts were in vain as the two hospitals he went to, turned him down.

After that, he was said to have made straight to the General hospital but unfortunately the tenant gave up the ghost before help could get to him.

On the story making rounds that he was directly responsible for his co-tenant’s death, our source said, “ there is no way Pasto Goody Goody could have a hand in the guy’s death after all he was not even on the scene when the fight ensued.

And it is also not true that he gave orders for his boy to fight on his behalf.” Speaking on the issue, Lagos State Police spokesman Mr Frank Mba who confirmed the story said he was aware of the incidence.

“What my men told me is that Pasto Goody Goody is in detention because he was indicted by a relation of the deceased who said he (Goody) gave orders to his boys to beat up the deceased.

According to my people he was also accused of holding onto the deceased while the fatal blow was dealt.

We cannot at this juncture conclude that he is guilty as we are still carrying on with our investigation.

He is being held because the guy who dealt the fatal blow is his person and lives with him. The car said to have caused the quarrel is his car and all this put together makes him a suspect.

But if at the end of our investigation we find him not guilty he will be released.”