All ye fashion lovers and fashion Police please get in here and help save this situation before it gets out of hand as it affects our pretty Nollywood actress oo.

Pretty and sexy Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo, may have just sold herself out base on the picture she shared recently where she went to have fun with friends.

The actress has come under fire from many who have taken a good look at her backside and have drawn up conclusions that she wore nappies.

Looking at the pictures, her backside was on point but well divided to show her tiny thighs which does not go in tandem with it and that helped to raise eye brows.

We know ladies love seeking attention when they are in public and they know things to do just to get noticed but in the case of this popular actress, how does one know she is not seeking attention with the said fake backside. She is beautiful, that one will always commend but the sexy part is where the question is and only her boy lover can answer that question though. 

Me I have not touched it before o but maybe when I come in contact with her, I will beg her to let me have a feel then come back to defend her because these accusation is too much or what do you guys suggest?

biodun nappies (1).png

biodun nappies (2).png

biodun nappies (3).png