The gist is that Burna Boy have finally accepted sleeping with the lady who accused him of impregnating her.

However, the singer insists that he only slept with her once and that she cannot be pregnant, so she is framing him. His denial of getting Uju Stella pregnant has only brought ridicule to his name.

Uju had cried out last week that Burna Boy was threatening her but she will never abort the pregnancy. Now that he has spoken, some people said that he is suffering from withdrawal syndrome us. Burna Boy is not ready to join the Nigerian club of baby papas.

A fan laughed him to scorn “Other Nigerian musicians with baby mama drama be looking at Burna Boy like Ogbeni welcome to the squad”

Another told him “Burna Boy didn’t do Biology in Secondary School” he said “Burna Boy is beyond hysterical. Do you need to sleep with someone more than once to actually impregnate them? What’s all this?”

Burna Boy’s fans are no longer defending him neither are they attacking Uju, they are after the head of Burna Boy who has embarrassed them all