Not many are of the know that gentle Nollywood actor, Henry James Ejike Asiegbu, was on some occasion imprisoned by the Babangida led military administration which saw him being taken from one prison to another across the country.

The talented actor who is rarely seen at public events has gone through a lot during his time as one of the student union leaders and his activeness was a threat to the government of the day which kept hunting him for long.

Ejike, who has spent about 26 months in prison, has disclosed that his ugly exposure to hard life in the prison has sharpen him that if he becomes a governor or president of the country, he will know how to lead and direct the country.

He suggested that anybody that wants to rule the country right such fellow needs to go through what people in the Prisons were going through as that will help change the negative mindset of many.

In his words while speaking with Yes Magazine, “Well, in the words of Ikemba Nnewi, I will say: I saw war and war saw me. But today when I reflect, I still thank the Almighty God for making me experience something special and another aspect of life which any person that intends to lead this country should experience because I know that if by tomorrow I find myself in a position of strength, maybe as a Governor, Minister, an Ambassador or even the President, I will be able to cut across, reach out to the poor and the rich, the haves and the have nots because I’ve been to the last bus stop. I have been through the darkest tunnels. Obasanjo can testify. Although, mine was worse because theirs was the VIP while ours was the ghetto. It’s true.”