Popular Nigerian dancehall singer, Ketchup, was early in May, 2016, reported to have been involved in an accident after he had gone Sky-boarding during his birthday celebration in Dubai.

 Nigerian could not help but pray for his recovery as he was in coma for about two days and recalling the scenario that played out, the singer told Pulse that he never planned for sky-boarding but was carried away when he sighted someone else on it and he decided to try it out.

In his words, “I Can’t remember all that happened but I was out with my friends just wanted to go jet skiing and when we got there I saw a guy on that fly-board thing, it looked like fun so I decided to try it. I don’t like to talk about it because I woke up like a day or two after, it was weird. It was really scary because it was a dark moment it was like we were all in one room and somebody pulls a plug for like two days and plugs you back and you wake up and you are like two days behind everybody else. I’m glad to be back to earth.”

On how the accident has affected him, he explained that he does not see himself as having a second chance to life because he did not see God.

He stated that he is more of an adventurous person and rather than get scared due to the accident, it has made him see life from another perspective.

“I think that I haven’t changed, I don’t think I can change when it comes to my adventurous nature because, I don’t know it’s who I’m. But it has changed the way I see life. People say I have one life to live and everyone is saying that I got a second chance, I don’t think I got a second chance. I just that it wasn’t my time because people saying I got a second chance is like I don cancel one life and e remain one no.

“If it was the second chance, it will be a situation where I was in a coma then I saw God then God say ‘go back it’s not your time,’ no I did not see God, I was in a dark place, it was scary all I could hear was people talking in the background and I couldn’t do anything about it. I woke up I did not remember the password to my phone, my instagram account, I could not remember anything. So I don’t think it changed me but it changed the way I see life,” he added.