Nigerian artiste Yungsix who had claimed to have escaped death when a close friend of his had allegedly attempted to shoot him is on the news again.

The rapper had called out his colleagues in the entertainment industry in a recent interview with Hip TV where he said they were being  fake.

If you recall, February 11th of this year threw the family of gospel artiste Eric Arubayi into mourning when he died after a brief illness.

Condolence messages soon followed on social media from his close friends as well as from those who had claimed to be friends with the singer while he was living.

This has angered yung6ix who felt some of his colleagues where being fake and lying about loving the deceased and being close when they never really knew anything about him.

He further said it’s not peculiar about Eric alone as it has also lingered for a long time on so many losses the industry had suffered.

In his words: “We lost one of our colleagues and lot of people started faking love on social media like we all knew this guy. If you look at most people faking and showing fake love, they are not even following the guy. Most of them started following him after he died. Most people never posted his songs, most people where never there to support him as at the time he needed them but look at everybody now. Acting like they all wanted him to win. It was sad and i was hurt that they were taking advantage of something like that. It’s not right. We are talking about life and death here. It’s not right. I’m not just speaking for myself but for people who had it in their minds and hearts but never had the guts to say it because it was being fronted by celebrities.”