There have always been rumour about various atrocities but without clear proof but with the story going viral about a 25 year old Kenyan girl, then one is left with no choice but to ponder on what is really happening.

According to a call put through to a certain Kenyan girl by Kenyan radio station, Hero Radio, she confessed to have been having an affair with her father for about four years.

According to the girl who is now 25, she stated that she actually seduced her father when she was 21 and enjoyed the way he is on bed which makes her envy her mother.

When asked by the presenter on what led to such act, the lady explained that her “father gives her everything and is good in bed not like her stingy boyfriend.”

She was later told that her boyfriend who gave out her phone number says he is no longer interested in the relationship, stated that “I would rather leave my boyfriend and be with my father who gives me everything because he is good in bed.”