Toke Makinwa can now have a fresh breath after visiting the home where she lost her parents 23 years ago as a child. She was only 8 years old when a gas leak led to an explosion that killed her parents at their home in Abuja.


She said . “I’ve never been back there, it holds so much emotions and I always told myself I will go once I have exhaled,” she went on say “My dad had come out of the building smelling of burning rubber, putting out the fire on his shorts as he tried to explain what happened to a crowd that seemed to be getting bigger every minute.


There was something I could taste in my mouth; it was fear. Fear gripped me and I could barely move. In movies, you sometimes see a scene with someone burning from head to toe. Everyone ran back trying to figure out who it was. It took a moment to realise it was my mum. I stood glued to the spot watching her burn.”