Boladale Bamidele, mother of Bolu Bamidele, the young man who was set ablaze by his wife has revealed that the wife murdered him because of jealousy.

According to the Boladale who lives at 22 Abeobi, Onitea area of Oshogbo my son’s wife Ifeoluwa killed him out of sheer jealousy. Whenever she sees any lady’s name on his phone, Ifeoluwa will start causing trouble even if it is his sister’s number. We usually advise ifeoluwa to let go of her jealous attitude but there is a limit to which we can interfere in their marital issues. All we could do was to advise her to stop being unnecessarily jealous.”

It will be recalled that Bolu who lived in Cairo, Egypt, returned before the last Eid Kabir celebration. His wife reportedly doused him fuel and set the entire house on fire last Sunday Sunday.

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Explaining further, Boladale said “Before the incident, I had a nightmare, where someone came to the door, kept knocking on the door, the person asked me to warn Bolu, that there is a woman that wants to kill him. In the dream, they said both of them should stay indoors on the 18th and 19th of July, unfortunately, the incident happened on the 17th. Immediately after the dream I went to my husband and explained everything to him. My husband advised that we call them and explain the dream to them which we did, that was a day before Osun election.”

“On the day of the incident, my husband and I went to Bolu’s house. When we got there Bolu Bamidele was sleeping I gave Ifeoluwa the milk I bought for them and we left. Later in the night, Ifeoluwa called on the phone screaming that Bolu is dating someone and had impregnated the lady. I begged her to calm down, that first in the morning both of them should come over to the house so they can see how we can help resolve issues.”

“Immediately the call ended my daughter who lives with them called that I should start coming, there is problems, that she has set the house ablaze with her brother inside.” Bolu Bamidele was rescued by neighbours and rushed to the hospital where he later died. But before he died he shared what happened, He said Ifeoluwa had locked the door after setting him on fire, and he wanted to escape through the kitchen, but when he realised that the gas cylinder was there, he felt it was too risky because she locked the main door so he went back to the room again. Open the shower and started pouring water on himself to save himself it was at that point my daughter and neighbours rescued him to the hospital unfortunately he died.

Recounting how Ifeoluwa became her daughter-in-law, Boladale said

“when Bolu first brought Ifeoluwa home as the wife he wants to get married to some of our family members didn’t approve of her but Bolu insisted that she was his choice and the one he wants to get married to. We had no option but to accept her into the family. They got married on September 4th last year. It was when she got pregnant that my son said we should quickly go and ask for her hand in marriage. Unfortunately, she lost the pregnancy and several others afterward.

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“After we paid her dowry, they had their wedding. Bolu Bamidele stayed a while in the country before traveling back to Egypt. The reason why he stayed back was to probably see if he could get Ifeoluwa pregnant before traveling back. He went back to Egypt on April 23rd, this year.

We were not many when we went to pay her dowry. Just a few of us, it was just a family affair. The next day after the introduction, Ifeoluwa had a miscarriage. The last miscarriage Ifeoluwa had was on the day Bolu was returning back to Egypt where he schooled and worked. On that night, Bolu rushed her to the hospital, as she wasn’t feeling well. He had to go to the airport so as not to miss his flight after Ifeoluwa’s parents, said they will take care of her at the hospital. However, after Bolu left for the airport, the hospital refused to do evacuation for her because they needed someone to sign for her. I stood in for my son and signed.”

It was later that Bolu was informed about the development as we didn’t want to feel bad. Thinking about everything now it is like she staged managed her miscarriages.

There was a day Ifeoluwa came home and fainted and when I enquired from her she said she went for an abortion. Because she didn’t want to have a disabled baby. I think she was getting rid of her pregnancies probably because she didn’t want Bolu to live her behind in Nigeria. That is probably the reason why she deliberately made sure she lost her pregnancy all the time. That is the trick she was using. Bolu lives in Egypt and she wants to live there with him. If she thinks he will abandon her here.

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Ifeoluwa said they should bury her close to Bolu Bamidele but it is impossible because Bolu is a Catholic and will be buried in a Catholic graveyard, at Popo burial ground, where we bury men is different from where we bury women. We can’t do that. Another reason is that she is a Cherubim and Seraphim it is not possible to. And assuming they died together it might be possible.

Boluwatito my son was my last child, he is studying in Egypt as a flight officer he had just one year to complete his study but he does some menial jobs