In an encounter with Saturday Sun, the actress, Imade Osawaru expressed her desire and expectations from her man.

Imade Osawaru, the beautiful and curvy actress/filmmaker, may have it all going for her, but she is unfulfilled as she is still single.

In an encounter with Saturday Sun, Imade expressed her desire and expectations from her man.

“I am single at the moment and I’m not scared of marriage. I am very open to marriage but I have not found the right man yet. However, my expectations from a prospective suitor are that he must be respectful, loving, caring, God-fearing and rich. Yes, I can marry an older man. But I get turned on when he’s loving, caring, and have money. Money turns me on but he also needs to be loving and caring.

But then, Imade confessed that it’s not easy coping on lonely, cold nights. “It is not easy coping on these lonely, cold nights, but some things are more important to me right now than s-x. I have never used a se- t–; I don’t own any.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Mademonic Entertainment Production asserted that she wouldn’t leave her man because of infidelity, as long as he doesn’t bring a child home.

“Yes, I can forgive my partner of infidelity. Only domestic violence can make me quit my relationship. I can forgive and take him back if he cheated but he can’t bring in another child. I’m not saying he can cheat and I don’t pray for a cheating partner, but cheating will not make me leave my husband.”