A U.S rapper, DaBaby has shared his experience with officials at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

DaBaby, who came to Nigeria to shoot a music video with singer Davido, posted a video of himself on an airplane out of Nigeria and said he had to “pay the whole airport off” to make his flight.

DaBaby recently arrived in Lagos and he flooded his social media pages with beautiful moments from the city.

In the videos of DaBaby in Lagos that have emerged online, he moved freely among the crowd, had fun and enjoyed his life.

The rapper also teamed up with Davido for their music video shoot and they took it to a rural and heavily crowded area of Lagos.

Few hours ago, Dababy who appeared to have been milked dry by operatives at the Airport in Lagos, shared a video of himself in the plane with his team during their flight back to United States.

“Boyyy I done had to pay the whole airport off to make this flight,” he wrote.

This is not the first time a foreigner would complain about extortion from Nigerian airport staff.

An unidentified lady had in 2021 made viral videos of airport staff allegedly demanding for bribes before letting her fly out of Nigeria.