Rapper Yung6ix has hinted he had a bitter experience in an American police cell following his arrest in September 2019.

In a tweet on Saturday, the rapper also cursed the American jeweller who got him arrested.

He wrote: “My prayer is nobody should go through what I went through in American cell. Nobody except the guy who made me go through it. Your generation will not know peace until you come out and confess, your daughters and sons will not know success until you confess. On my last breath.”

Yung6ix was arrested in the United States after a jeweler accused him of stealing.

The rapper subsequently shared a video on Instagram after his release.

“Was wrongfully accused by kays jewellers. Spent the last few hours wondering if I was going to be another innocent black man getting f—ked by the system. I’m going to be pressing charges for racial profiling #blacklivesmatter,” he said.