Facebook gave a Nigerian woman husband , and now the husband that Rosemary Okeke got on Facebook has hit the rock. The reason will not surprise you. The  17-month-old marriage to her “jealous” husband has caused Rosemary a lot of things.

She decided to  approach the court seeking the dissolution of the union, insisting that her husband, Cletus, had turned her into a punching bag.

Rosemary met her husband through ‘Facebook’ while he was in South Africa and dated for few months before they had their traditional marriage. She said before her husband paid her dowry, he was so calm but after they got married, he became inquisitive and jealous.

She said, “My husband does not trust me, always wanting to know who l am talking with on the phone or my whereabouts. He keeps telling me that he is an Anambra man who does not take nonsense and that he has paid my dowry, therefore, he has rights over me.”

Cletus  stopped her from doing business because of jealous nature and yet failed to care for her and their one-year-old child. He had turned her into a punching bag. She described him as a violent man who feels insecure.

She said, “There was a day he beat me following a misunderstanding, l fainted and was rushed to the hospital. I want the court to dissolve the marriage and for the respondent to be responsible for the child’s upkeep.”