Born into the family of prominent Nigerian jazz singer, late Modupe ‘Art’ Alade and his wife Olapeju, Dare showed signs of his love for music at an early age. This became visible when he started performing at a Victoria Island-based nightclub as a teenager before he was spotted by a top television broadcaster and groomed into what he is today. Quite brilliant with a bewitching and distinctive voice, Dare, who became the darling of many as a broadcaster with Cool FM in Lagos, took a step further in 2004, when he secured a space for himself in the Project Fame Academy in South Africa. He soon dumped broadcasting and took music as a full time job. Releasing his first album under Storm Records wasn’t a big deal as he wowed many with Escalade among other tracks. However, he got married, left Storm Records and is set to release his sophomore album under a new record label.

In this interview with Reporter Gbenga Bada, Art Alade Jnr explained why he refers to his fans as friends and his relationship with his female admirers.

How does it feel like with the completion of your second album and the acceptance of its single?

I feel happy and honoured to have the opportunity of releasing my second album in 2009. It would be released in the first quarter of the year and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s been a lot of work in the last two years and finally it’s ready for release.

Why did it take you that long to finish work on your second album?

The Yoruba say ‘Obe to dun, owo lo pa’ (a sweet soup is expensive). It takes a while for one to get the right ingredients before cooking the stew or soup as the case might be for people to enjoy it. And if you know me, you’d see that it’s all fresh from the yard without blemish. Basically, it took me two years to complete my second album because I wanted it to be right.

Why the title UNDARETED?

Undareted is just a play on words; it’s just a smart way to play around with words. You know infusing Dare in a unique way.

What’s your take on the winner of the last MTN Project Fame?

Well, he has a lot of talent and a bright future in the industry. I wish him the very best in all his endeavours. He did very well and I’m happy that he came through.

Are there any possibilities of collaboration with him?

Maybe. Just like I said he has got a lot of talent and a bright future in the industry. Who knows, I could do a collaboration with him soonest.

While you compered the event, what changes did you notice since you were also a product of the academy?

Mine was four years ago and theirs is just concluded. So, it’s four years apart but it’s all the same framework and platform; learning about music and getting better at your craft and I think MTN did brilliantly by hosting the show in Nigeria.

Would you say that Project Fame Academy has impacted on the musical career and lives of students that have passed through it?

Definitely. They leave the academy better than when they arrived it and I’m happy for every student that has gone through the experience. Mine was a lot of experience and I have become a better professional after passing through the academy in South Africa.

What has it been like with marriage and career?

It’s been fantastic and absolutely great with no problems whatsoever and I’m having a great time with my family.

How would you compare the married Dare with the single one?

I don’t know. That’s my private life and I don’t discuss my private life so much on the pages of newspapers, but I can just tell you that I’m having a brilliant time.

How do you cope with the obsessed female fans as a star artiste and a one time on-air personality?

I don’t know. I mean I don’t know how you know them but I’d say they are out there, they show me love when they can and I respond. I’d be nowhere without my friends. You know I call my fans (male and female) my friends because they are people who care a lot about me just as much as I care about them too and they also look out for me.

Tell us more about the record label you are newly signed on?

Well, I have left Storm Records and I am now signed on to Soul Music and Productions. We are the ones doing all we can to salvage real music in its purest form like soul and R&B. We are doing so much of music that you can enjoy the rhythm and melody and also doing our best in the growth of the Nigerian music scene.

If there is one thing you are known to do a lot, what would it be?

I love riding motorbikes a great deal and I love keeping dogs. I have a number of them and for a while, I was noted with my different power bikes.

How much did it cost to shoot the video of your new single, ‘Not Your Girl’?

No comment on that. However, Solomon from Soul Music and Production and DJ Foxwell, who is an associate from Georgia Atlanta have been able to do all the wonders. They have been into the technicality of music and video productions for several years all around the globe. So, I think they would be in the position to tell you that because all I do is sing while they go about the technicalities.