A few years ago, a young pretty lady returned to Lagos. Within a short space of time, she took an enviable position in the already saturated society circle. She dominated the social circuit with such charm and charisma. Years after she left Lagos, she remains unforgettable. That is Lavonne Cele-Tawo.

She is an A–list of fashionista. Not only can she turn a simple fabric into a classic design, but she would also wear it with such elegance and poise that not only will men ogle at her but women would go green with envy. No wonder she is the society’s favourite.

Lavonne who relocated to Abuja a few years back described her sense of style as simply “LAVONNE”
Women from her ethnic divide are quite passionate about the traditional two-wrapper as they look gorgeous in it. So, one would ordinarily think that she would like it as well. However, that is not the case with Lavonne.
Responding to whether she has tied a wrapper before, the gorgeous petite mother of one said “that is a tough one, let me think ….. May be two wrappers and a blouse, I have not worn that before. May be, I would not be able to recognize ‘ME’ in that outfit”.

But like they say that diamond is a girl’s best friend, Lavonne who now wears low-cut style was quick to say that her weakness lies in the acquisition of jewelry.
“My favourites, I love fragrances, right from my child hood I have always worn good fragrances but these days, I just stick to very few. I love Cinema by YSL, Private Number by Etienne Aigner, Panther de Cartier. These are my all time favourites.

I love shoes”.
But for jewelry? That is my greatest weakness. For watches, I wear Cartier and Gucci every other day.
She spoke on other issues.

It’s been wonderful and challenging but above all, it makes you grow up and more responsible. It enables one to form a balanced judgment in doing things or taking decisions.
Challenge is a universal word, I am yet to see any mother who does not sacrifice a thing or two for their children thus the song “Sweet Mother” my daughter calls me sweet mother, she got her phone ring tone changed to sweet mother, I am truly sweet.
Memorable is not quite what I would, because I went through a lot at the time but as time progressed motherhood presented me with more memorable events.

Single parenthood
No one really sets out being a single parent, if things don’t work out there’s little anyone can do. I don’t think being a single parent is a wrong idea. There are people who were married and when divorce or estrangement comes knocking, they find themselves being single parents. I guess these are the little things that make life interesting.

As I said earlier no one really sets out to be a single mother, but what life presents to me, I accept, and I feel KOOL about it. There are people who are not married and have no children; there are broken marriages because the couple could not have kids. But I have a beautiful child, Halleluiah.

No regret
As a general principle, I don’t regret any thing that fate brings to me. I am a catholic and I accept everything as the will of God. There are quite a lot of challenges I face as a single mother, but in each one, God gives me a helping hand and I am very thankful to Him. God has met me and my daughter at every point of our needs.

Each time there is any major challenge concerning my daughter’s needs, I tell God these “You gave me this child. You did not give her a father, because you wanted to be her creator, father and provider, over to you Jesus, here are her needs” and Jesus the most faithful LOVER of all times provides or handles the situation. So that is how I cope with the challenges. Even married couples face challenges, too. I guess.

My charity work
There is something I have learnt since as a child. That is the art of giving. It is difficult for some people to give or part with anything but I had, from my childhood learnt to give.
I tell you that this part of me has become more alive after the birth of my baby.
I tell you this. You won’t believe that I have devoted my time to helping the needy and the less-privileged. On a regular basis and as a mather of duty, I visit hospitals. I visit the sick with the intent of looking for patients who are unable to meet up with their hospital bills. You won’t believe that some people are stranded in the hospital for a fee of as little as N2,000 or even less. After discharge, they can’t pay and sometimes, they are made to pay before they leave.
Some would almost want to abandon their sick child for their inability to pay. So, when I see them, I would offer to pay their bills and it is fulfilling to do this. I may not be rich but I find it rewarding and satisfying doing this.

Ironically enough, it might interest you to know that many a time when my daughter fell ill, it was some bit of challenge for me to raise instant cash and some how God raised someone who came to my aid.
My charity work and hospital bill settlement for stranded patients become my own little way of paying back and appreciating God. iGiving a great thing. I think everyone should cultivate the habit, especially this season of Christmas and New Year celebrations. We must all try to remember to less privileged and forgotten people among us.

Life has taught me to always depend on God for everything. Life has taught me to be nice to people I meet today for I may never meet them again. Life has taught me to accept every ‘act” as the will of God for me. Life has taught me to be tolerant and forgiving as it is the Lord that does fight my battles.
I never judge a book by it’s cover until I read its contents.

Lavonne style
The best way I can define my sense of styles is ‘LAVONNE’ because I dress to suit my moods, and more often than not, I dress as the occasion demands.

Beauty regimen
As one with a background in beauty, I would say I maintain a strict beauty regimen. I follow my cleansing programme morning and night and use very natural based products because they are less harmful to the skin.

In the past I kept New Year resolutions but these days, I never really bother. Better still, God’s will for me is my true resolution.

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