Nollywood actress, Joke Silva and her caring husband, Olu Jacobs, are just one epitome of lovers young couples will always love to emulate as they ensure that they cover each other’s track wherever they go.

They are just one of many celebs who are not associated with any form of scandals and have been waxing strong in their love lives and also educating young ones looking up to them.

Some months ago, Joke had in an interview she granted revealed that she does not cook for her husband rather they have someone that does the cooking and this never went down well with some critiques who aired the opinion on the issue.

The actress, who is never ashamed to say the truth, affirmed that she cooks when she likes as it is not part of her because it is a chores but for her husband it is a therapy that he can’t do without.

She admitted that she got a negative comment on the said revelation which got her husband angry after she was being described as ‘a beautiful decoration.’

“I remember someone was saying that I was ‘a beautiful decoration’ when they heard that I didn’t like to cook. My husband was so mad and his retort is that: ‘you don’t know half of what this woman contributes to this relationship’. Do you understand? He was really upset. He said all those trying to pigeonhole roles are old fashioned,” she told New Telegraph.