Before her marriage, Ifeoma Chukwu was a novice when it comes to relationship matters. The Gospel act who released her debut album De revelation recently, enjoys her marriage because she has matured with time to understand her husband the more.

With her 16 tracker debut album, this light skinned Mbaise, Aba born singer who is also a TV presenter is optimistic of her artistic prowess. Ify told us recently that she had loved music from the age of six and started writing songs when she turned 15. She revealed what qualities mesmerized her in her husband when they first met after seven years of being pen pals and the challenges in the music industry among other things. Excerpts:

De revelation’s message
De revelation, my debut album is finally out, after a long time. I have been planning towards it since 2004. It is a contemporary Gospel album which is fast gaining acceptance. In the album, I have something for everyone and it is an evolution of my personality spanning through my music growth and maturity as a person. It contains songs like You’re my Lord remix, Odara, Onyeoluebube, Jeun soke, Mama, and Bridal song. These are my favorites in the 16 tracker album.

Why the title?
De revealation is self explanatory. I write songs depending on my moods, message and what I am experiencing at that particular moment. I am not particularly facing one direction, though ballads and inspirational songs are my favorites. I try to appeal to my listeners with varieties.

Was music your first love?
I didn’t stumble into music, I have always loved Onyeka Onwenu and Christy Essien-Igbokwe when I was a little girl. As an introvert, I thoroughly enjoyed the songs these legendary divas offered us. From the age of six, I knew I loved music and sang unique songs while going to church with my mother. I started writing songs and books when I turned 15. Since then, I have not looked back. Music for me is an emotional therapy, it inspires me to do great things for humanity. It is an expression of my love to everybody.

What makes a good music?
I would say sweet melodies, deep message, passion and of course, good delivery.

Who are your target audience?
My music is for everyone. For the young and old, contemporary and classical. I want to appeal to every one. My desire is to touch lives with my songs. I want people to be able to praise and woship God using my songs. With that, I would be fulfilled.

I am Ifeoma Chukwu a.k.a Ify. I was born in Aba in the late 70s to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Amuchuaka. I am the first of 10 children, I have seven brothers and two sisters. I hail from Urualla in Ideato North LGA of Imo State. I am married to Engineer. Chukwu from Ituh Ezinnihite Mbaise in Imo State and I am blessed with a son. I studied Economics in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

I am a writer, a self discovery coach, who teaches in seminars , helping singles and youths discover themselves regarding their vocational choices. I also help them in talent discovery and in the area of marriage. I am also a TV producer and presenter of a syndicated business programme, De market place, which has given a voice and advertorial platforms to consumer brands and also to small and medium scale enterprises.

How did you meet your husband?
My husband was my penpal for seven years. He proposed to me without even seeing my pictures. I met him on the 7th year, and accepted two years later to be his wife. We got married after my National Youth Service. He is my friend and the big brother I never had.

Was he the only suitor at that time or did you choose him among many?
I had several suitors in school and outside school. Virtually every man I met then wanted to marry me. I didn’t know why, but I made up my mind concerning him because I felt so much at ease with him. Though we had our share of ups and downs, I was at peace with him and I thank God. He is the man that can handle me.

What qualities swept you off your feet in him?
He fitted in so well as my big brother. When he was my pen pal, he was a friend who was there for me through thick and thin. Above all, he is handsome, lively and accomodating.

What is your marriage experience?
To be sincere, it has been very challenging. I had to start understanding my husband after marriage because he was my first man. I didnít date anyone before marriage, so, I was practically a novice in relationship matters. I had to learn this as I grew in marriage. God has been helping us and most importantly, my husband loves me and I am crazy about him too.

Would you marry him again if you had another chance at life?
Oh yes. This is because I have grown to love him and he is my best friend. I share everything with him.

Ify Chukwu
Photo: Sun News Publishing
Assess the music industry in Nigeria
The music industry has grown well and big. Nigerians now love Nigerian music and I think it is encouraging our indigenous musicians. The financial returns could be better and improve especially for gospel musicians. A bad trend affecting the industry negatively are few investors.

The acceptance of Nigerian music should be a reason for more investors to pump in money into the industry. But these days, artistes are their producers, managers, marketers and promoters, it is tiring. After working so hard, pirates go to work, reaping from where they did not sow. It is also very frustrating because this trend over works the artiste, and there is a tendency that they become discouraged.

Philosophy in life
My personal philosophy is look deep into yourself to discover your talents and qualities God has blessed you with and develop them with his help. Above all, use these extra ordinary abilities to put a smile on someone’s face.

Fulfilment is an on-going thing. I am fulfilled because everything I wanted to achieve in life while growing has been accomplished. As a child, I wanted to be a singer, a TV host, writer, and inspiration to young people. I am happy I have experienced all these in life. Being married and becoming a mother is also my childhood dream come true.

Future Plans
I am expectant. I want to experience greater things by God’s grace. I am also trusting Him for finances to put smiles on the faces of indigent but talented youths, to sponsor their projects and see their dreams come to fruition via my Emerald Foundation Network