Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma, no longer cares if her hubby is cheating on her or not as she has decided to move on with her life while giving the best care to her children and more attention to her business.

 The whole saga of her husband having another affair with another lady has created so much buzz that the actress has chosen not to talk about it or stress herself on the matter.

She even shocked many when she steeped out with her husband for the premiere of her movie some months back and that got many wondering what was actually happening if they were only trying to patch things up.

But recently, while having fun at home and showing off her sexy body, she got a hint from a fan who came to draw her attention to the an alleged escapades her husband has been involved in without her knowledge.

Rather than get furious about the matter, she decided to reply by noting that “sweety she can have all of him with a bag of chips on the side.. *flips hair*”.