Following the high rate of domestic violence entangled in the lives of our favourite Nigerian celebrities which has led to breakage of different homes, Nollywood actress and Instagram comedienne, Etinosa Idemudia sat with us revealing that she was also a victim of domestic violence from her former husband.

Shocking isn’t it? To think that she was already married let alone separated. However, the actress who was close to tearsspoke about the pains and abuses she witnessed in the hands of her former husband when asked ‘what was her biggest love mistake’? In her words:

“Right now, I hate love, I hate romance. I was with this guy who never really believed I loved him. I don’t even understand how that works, how can you put everything on hold for someone and give your all to someone and all they think of is you are too good for me. I mean at the beginning it is really cute when he tells you I don’t deserve you and you are like ‘Oh My God’ but along the line everything you do is like a competition.

The worst mistake I made was been with someone I was better than; mentally, financially, intellectually and status. I don’t know whether to call it inferiority complex He just felt threatened all the time there was this hunger for control always and I am like ‘Nigga chill! I belong to you or I supposedly belong to you, everything I have is yours, I am not trying to outshine you in life. You don’t have to punch my face to make sure I don’t talk back at you or to make sure your word is lord. So the biggest mistake I made was being with a man I was better than”.

When asked what was the worst thing her husband has ever done to her she replied;

“I was in a super abusive relationship, everything you can think of happened. I have been tied up life a thief i have seen alot in my life, and I thank God for comedy I am still alive and not mad on the streets at this point in my life when i see things happen in people’s marriages I am like Ok, nothing can shake me anymore because I have seen the worst of life but thank God we don’t look like what we’ve been through by the way congratulations to me my legal divorce papers came recently so I am free and if i don’t tell you you won’t know it wasn’t just a relationship it was a marriage which is kind of worse”.

She concluded by saying that if she finds a man who meets her criteria she will give love a second chance.