Fast-rising rapper, Efa Iwara, popularly known as EFA, has showed that he is a versatile entertainer and that is why his acting skill has not hidden itself.

Those who have watched the popular TV series, ‘Shuga’, can confirm that EFA is also a talented actor.

Not many also know that this handsome dude is a cricket player, a game he loves dearly too. Though he is called a ‘serial woman pleaser,’ but he finds no offence in that because it is his joy to make women happy.

In a recent interview, EFA explained that women are gift from God and deserve to be happy always.

“Women are a gift from God. They are beautiful and complex creatures. Amazing is not a good enough word to describe them. I love women. I hate to see a woman sad. If I can put a smile on her face by any means necessary then I shall go the extra mile to ensure that,” he said.