The gist in the entertainment industry lately is that actress Hilda Dokubo and her winsome beau, Karo, have parted ways. It was alleged that Karo had to move into a hotel, abandoning his wife and kids in the heat of the quarrel.

Dokubo has, however, debunked the rumour, saying she and her husband are still together. Speaking to Life and Beat on the telephone during the week, the actress could not hold back laughter over the rumour.

“See me o,” she said. “I was on holiday with the kids. I just came back on Saturday. Could it be that people sit down and manufacture rumours? I think some people are actually praying and fasting so that my marriage will break up. But I don’t think it will ever happen.”

Dokubo said she was not surprised that such a gist was flying around, saying, “Let me tell you, I got married in 1999. A week after my wedding, I was in the car with my husband when we saw a paper saying that our marriage had crashed. Since then, I have not been bothered. They keep breaking us up and bringing us back together in the papers.”

Dokubo insisted that she and her hubby were together. “I have known this guy for a long time and we have been together since then. He is all I know about love. If I break up with him, what do I do?

“He didn’t leave me when I was more into movies. He was coping with me when I was jumping from one location to another. Is it now that I have become a success, now that I have space and time that he will leave me?”

She reiterated the fact that the rumour did not bother her. “How can it bother me? I am happy. If there was an atom of truth in it, I would be bothered. Did they say he left me because I stole? Did they say he left me because he caught me with another man? That would have been an embarrassment to my family. I am still with my husband. The more people want us to break up, the stronger our love is growing.”

Dokubo said she had been busy with activism and schooling, and as such did not have time for idle rumour. “I run the first acting school in the Niger Delta. We have got accreditation from the Federal Government. I am busy with that and my husband is busy bringing in resource personnel for the school. We just don’t have time for any rubbish,” she said