Nollywood actor-cum-producer, Yomi Fabiyi, has denied widespread speculations that he is about to abandon his two year old marriage to his British wife.

In an interview with Encomium magazine, the actor disclosed that he is surprised that a post on his social media page could cause a distraction and be blown out of proportion.

The actor, whose wife is yet to put to bed, is not in any rush as he says he awaits God’s appointed time. Yomi Fabiyi noted that he never married the woman because of any economic reasons but for true love.

He revealed that the reason why he chose to marry a white lady was because of their simple lifestyle, explaining that when he met his wife, he was emotionally down, but decided to go for her not minding what people would say.

According to the actor, “She wanted me to move to the UK, I resisted the temptation because that was not what I had on my mind. Honestly, I like ‘Oyinbo’ (a word used to mean White men in Yoruba language), because of their simple life and independent reasoning.

“When I met this woman, I was lonely and emotionally down. I will never have canal knowledge of her, take her money and run, and I went on with the marriage when a friend retorted ‘What will people say’. Since it is my life, I went on because I don’t live on people’s opinion. The same friend has tried to hurt me and leave me unhappy severally.”