In a recent chat with Sunday Beat, Ayomiku, the 18-year-old daughter of multi-platinum Nigerian Gospel Singer, Tope Alabi talks about her mother’s life, her motherhood skills, music career and more.

According to the first year student of music at Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, her parents are the best couple she has ever seen.

Read excerpts from the chat below…

Did your mother tell you how she met her husband?

She told me part of the story. She said they were both studio workers at the time. They fell in love with each other and that was it.

How do you feel that your parents are in the same industry?

It is good. It makes everything better because either of them will not have to complain about the other being too busy or not having time for the other.

How do you feel that your mother is famous?

My mother’s popularity is because of the kind of songs she sings. They touch everybody one way or the other. In fact, there is nowhere I go to without people who know my mother pointing at me as Tope Alabi’s daughter. I know that it is because of her good works and personality. I feel happy always that she is my mother. I am proud of her. I am proud of my parents.

How does she handle marital disagreements with her husband?

I have never seen my parents disagree on anything. I do not even think they have misunderstandings. If they do, they keep it away from us. They are so close. They are the best couple I have ever seen as they constantly keep their troubles away from us.

What has been her most treasured advice to you?

My mother’s most cherished advice to me is that humility will take one to places one does not imagine. She told me that humility can take one to the end of the world.

Does she use the cane whenever you and your sister misbehave?

Oh! She did use the cane when we were younger. I am about to clock 19.  If we misbehave, she always calls us to explain what we did wrong.

Who are her best friends?

My mother has no best friend. My sister and I are her best friends. In fact, I am her best friend.

What values have you imbibed from her?

She taught me humility and respect. I also learnt from her not to give up on anything and to keep on trying including great cooking skills. I learnt how to play too because my mother is an amazing and good-natured woman.

How has she been able to create time for her family despite her busy schedule?

My mother is a great woman. She is busy because of the nature of her work but that has not stopped her from creating time for us. There are several places we have traveled to as part of bonding as a family. We have been to the US together and many other places.

Ayomike has a kid sister, Deborah, who is currently in secondary school.