Fast rising singer and son of popular Nollywood actress, Bukky Wright, Ojay Wright, has come out to clear the air that he is now cool with his mother.

Recall that some months back, the singer had a heated argument with his mother who was said to be his manager and they took out their anger on each other due to choice of songs for production.

He cleared the air while on TVC entertainment programme, ‘Entertainment Splash’ monitored by that his mother is still in-charge because she owns the record label but he has his personal manager.

Ojay stated that he has always been a stubborn child that always wants the freedom to do things his own way but his mother has always wanted things done her own way which was what gave birth to their argument.

According to him, “My mother was not my absolute manager. She is not my manager but she owns the label and I have my manager. We fought but we are cool. She wanted me to be perfect and I am just a stubborn fellow because I want to do things my way not the way I am being pushed to. My mum is tough and she is still tough and I am happy we both make each other happy.”