Actually, I am of a mixed blood. I am Yoruba and I cherish my Yoruba heritage very well. My mum is half-Indian, half-Mauritian but I was born in Germany. So, I can’t say exactly where I come from. But for the fact that my father is Yoruba, I claim my Yoruba heritage. Precisely, I hail from Abeokuta and I am an Egba man.

Favourite food
I can eat pounded yam very well. I also love to eat eba but I don’t drink garri. I also cherish amala with gbegiri and ewedu; semovita and tuwo rice.

My look
I see it as fun. In my days as an undergraduate of the University of Lagos, my lecturers used to send me out of class because of my dressing. I began to experience that in 2000 when I started modeling. When I entered people’s offices, they would order me out. People used to abuse me in the streets; telling me that I was mad. Now, the acceptance is growing. My punk hairstyle, costumes and all that are extensions of my personality. I am a very restless person and hardly can you see me in a dull mood.

My style
Actually, I make my hair and my clothes by myself. I came about this style out of my fashion craziness. I started modeling and in the course of that, I asked myself, so people can wear clothes on the runway like this? Actually, I wanted to distinguish myself from other models. Today, people want to emulate me. But they can’t be like me because I am the original. I have modeled for all the famous designers in this country and I have exhibited my talents outside the country.