Some Nigerian entertainers are beginning to fall in love with tattoos and despite the pains that is associated during the inscription, some are still eager to get one on their body for best reasons known to them.

For Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade, having tattoo on her body is not for the fun of it but to tell a brief story of her life and how she has evolved.

The actress stated that every tattoo she has is for “specific reasons” as she just want to express who she is as a person.

She explained to National Daily newspaper that, “On my right hand I have half of a heart with wings, which means I am looking for my other half; I am a sucker for love. On my left hand I have the Gemini sign, I am a full blown Gemini. On my back, which is obvious, I have a feather which is crossing out a bird. It means freedom for me. That happened at a time in my life I was in a dark place and when I got out of the situation I just got that tattoo to represent my freedom.”

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