How do you cope with the section of the society that always seeks to paint you in bad light? I know that at a point you were always getting upset and screaming.

What else would I have done but I have clearly moved on with my life. If I had been unable to move on with my life and had worried myself over that category of people, I would never have been able to move ahead. I leave them behind because they are behind me are constantly keep trying to drag me backwards but I don’t see that working; ever. I am ahead of them and I cannot be worried over people who are behind me and want to stay behind me. I would rather concentrate on people who are ahead of me

What is your greatest weakness as an actress?

I am not a perfect person and I have never claimed to be but people should endeavour to know the kind of person I am before passing judgment on what they read or hear about me. That would be my temper. I don’t like it when people get on my nerves unnecessarily.

What else has really gotten to you in recent times?

I went to my stylist’s salon to get my hair fixed and someone there bought bread and was eating and the next thing I saw was that somebody had published a story about me saying I had turned bread into my Sunday tonic

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