Nigerian actress, model and television host, Kehinde Bankole has opened up during an interview that her twin sister is competing with another person whom she refused to mention his/her name as the best fan. 

She further stated that she can not really draw the line between the two competitors because they are both doing well as her fans. She noted that her twin despite how close they are is her worse critic.

Kehinde who made her acting debut during her reign as Lux ambassandor in the family drama Super story said if she was to do a music video, she would title it “Life is beautiful”

She is currently working on a movie titled, “Dinner”.

She said that the social media gives people the opportunity to know much more about what is going on in the life of actors and actresses instead of misjudging them. She added that the problem bedeviling the entertainment industry ranges from economic issues, low electricity, and lack of funds among others.

Kehinde has been giving back to the society by enrolling young talented children who have interest in being a model into modeling school.