Renowned stand-up comedian, Ali Baba, has reacted President Muhammadu Buhari’s controversial comment where he said the wife belongs in the kitchen.

The President had reacted to an ‘explosive’ interview his wife granted the BBC, where she said she may not back her husband at the next election unless he reshuffles his government.

The president, who was in Germany on a three-day visit to discuss issues relating to security and economy, in response to his wife, laughed and replied, “she belongs to my kitchen and living room.”.

Backing the president’s comment, the comic character, on his Twitter handle @ALIBABAGCFR, said the president has the right to say where his wife belongs.

He wrote: “Aisha Buhari! True she is the wife of Mr. President. True, he has the right to say where his wife belongs. But don’t be fooled by the hype and brouhaha that had been generated.

“Aisha does not belong to the kitchen. Like every other successful career woman in Nigeria, she belongs to the areas where she and her likes can help to build a great nation.

“From my last check, she is not In Purdah and has been an advocate for the betterment of women.

“She is vocal about the things she is concerned about, and if you know the kind of man she married, if he did not support her or better put, give her that room, not the other room, to operate, she would not have had the success she had had in her career like she has today.

“That is not a woman that is conscripted to a kitchen. That is a very free woman.

“I had to go read her past interviews to see if she had changed. She hasn’t. She is still vocal, and will always say it as it is.

“Even those who called her a criminal wanted in the United States of America, all of a sudden see her as Queen Amina.

“My take is, Buhari wanted to say, the wife has a right to say what she wants to say but as far as his administration was concerned, her role was limited to those places mentioned (kitchen, living room and the other room).

“Notice that they don’t share the same bedroom. The main bedroom is different from the other room. But that said, as a wife, those are the areas of restrictions.

“But as an advocate… she is at large. Aisha is a Citizen without borders. But if that bothers you, konteeenuuuuu!”