Who is Jude Okoye outside of P Square? Jude is a simple person, a normal human being that does everything that a normal human being does.

So what were your formative years like?

It was tough even though our parents were able to provide three square meals. I became so ambitious at a very young age because of the kind of living conditions we found ourselves. It made me want to be independent all that while.

What living conditions are you referring to?

Imagine having eight children in a two bedroom apartment. It was tough but we thank God at the end of the day.

Coming from that kind of background and now you are surrounded by material comfort, are you awed by it all?

I am still the same person. The only difference is as you said, I have more money now but that has not changed my person.

How about the schools you attended?

I had my elementary education in Jos. I was at St. Mulumba College, also in the tin city. I was home for seven years writing Joint Admissions and Matriculations Examination and JAMB was jamming me. I made a vow when I was in secondary school that except JAMB sends me an admission letter, I would not go to the university.

Your scores must have been below average

No, my scores were over 200. I planned to study Banking and Finance. My parents were on my neck. They were always there to remind me that one family friend‘s son just got admitted into the university and he scored lower than I did. I did not want to do any back door runs so I bided my time. During those years, I was hustling doing music. In 2000, I wrote the final one and got an admission letter from jamb to read geographical planning at the University of Jos.

Do you have fantasies woven around women?

That is a problem I think I have. I have a problem of picturing the right woman for me. I just believe that when the person comes I will know but she cannot be fat or white.

Are you racist?

I believe so much in culture. I cannot imagine getting married to somebody and when we get divorced, the person will get half of my property or a wife who smokes, drinks or parties hard.

You have been described in some quarters as being difficult and over protective of your brothers.

It depends on what you mean by being difficult but if you are talking about being protective of P Square, yes I am. Apart from them being my brothers, I think they are also my business, my career.

So you don‘t foist your decisions on them?

I don‘t think I do that. We grew up together, share almost the same ideas and know what each other wants; so there is really nothing strange about me telling them what to do. Telling them to do this or that is like stating the obvious because they already know what to do. Being in the limelight, they might want certain things that will not augur well for their career. Since I am the stop gap between them and the fans, I know these things so it‘s not out of place for me to put my foot down. If people call that imposition, then so be it.

When disagreements arise, how do you come to agree?

When for instance Peter comes up with an idea and he does not have Paul on his side, he has to get me to his side. We are like three people running the show so the majority carries the vote. Even at that, if the twins come up with an idea, they have to convince me. I think that is one of the secrets of our success.

Why are your brothers the only artistes you manage, don’t you want to replicate the success?

P Square is already a handful. It is not as if artistes have not been approaching me. When I first saw 9ice, I remember telling Paul that if I would sign on any other artiste, it would be 9ice. That was like two years ago. He is unique. The first day I heard ‘Gongon Aso‘ in the studio where it was being mixed, I knew 9ice was going to be a hit.

Do you regret not taking him on?

I am not because if I had, I would be dead by now. Even if 9ice comes to me today, I won‘t be able to do anything for him. At the end of the day, problems will set in because the issue of comparison will arise. Questions like ‘why is P Square making it more than me‘ will crop up.

Why is the P Square business woven around the Okoyes? I know another Okoye handles their costumes. Do you think that is the best way to run things?

The answer to your second question is yes. Going back to the first question, I have given it a shot. I got an external hand to handle production and he messed it all up. I don‘t want to mention names. I again got someone to direct which is my area of specialisation and it went awry. That was Busybody remix and we had to reshoot.

Is it okay if I say your brothers made you?

No, I have been there before them. We made ourselves. I pushed them out and I get recognition for that.

What is your love life like presently?

It is zero. I have not had a date for 15 years because I really haven‘t got time on my hands.

Is there pressure on you to settle down especially now that Peter is a father?

There is no pressure from any quarters whatsoever. My mum has said that whenever I am ready, they are ready.

Is it true that Peter‘s then unborn child caused a rift in the family, that you in particular were not pleased because of the perceived effect on their career?

There has never been anything like quarrel over Peter fathering a child. Everybody has their own life to live. I am managing P Square not Peter or Paul. The baby is his personal issue.

So you never opposed his relationship with Lola Omotayo?

I have never. The only time I actually interfered was when Peter relegated P Square issues to attend to Lola. I think the rumour came about when we were working on the game over album. We almost postponed a studio session because he wanted to spend time with Lola. I was pissed off.

What went wrong with the planned Busta Rhymes show?

The show did not hold. The last information we got was that Busta Rhymes was coming in on the last flight. I had to go to Arik Air to book a chartered flight because no plane will be flying to Benin at that time of the day. When the British Airways flight touched down, one of the immigration officials informed me Busta Rhymes was not on board.

How much money went down the drain?

People were saying we lost N30m. That is an understatement; we lost over N65m. That is nothing to me because I was not born with the money neither was P Square. I know we will make that money back and it is not going to take more than six months.

In the interim are you going to court?

That is highly classified right now. On my own side I have given them an ultimatum.

How come P Square has suffered very little bad press?

We do not like blabbing neither do we like hype. You hype yourself to a certain level that people want to put you to test. You cannot even tell when P Square is in town or not because they hardly go out.

I see it is an all guys affair, how do you manage with home chores especially cooking?

My family friend Amina who stays with us cooks sometimes. My sister does the same when she comes around. We also have a cook. It‘s not like a particular person is assigned to do it.

How about Peter and Paul?

They don‘t know how to cook. The only thing they can make is Noodles and they end up burning it.

Where do you think P Square‘s strength lies?

I think it is their bond. The fact that they are twins and knowing nobody can come in between them.