Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah in a new interview with  has opened up on his marriage and nationality.


On his nationality, he said;

“I am Nigerian. Although I am also partly Israeli and Lebanese, I carry only the Nigerian passport. I was born and raised in Nigeria. All my life I have lived in this country and I have never been to either Israel or Lebanon where my paternal grandparents come from. Basically, this is my home and where I have found myself.”

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On having been able to keep his marriage intact for this long, he said;

“My wife is the power-house of my family. If it were not for her, I would not have been able to keep a family together. She is such a wonderful woman. I always price her above other women,”

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On how his wife had managed to cope with the romantic roles he played in the movies, he added;

“I would just laugh at their questions and reply that my wife had been able to cope because she was a triple woman.”