Petite, but versatile comedian, Teju Babyface, is an entertainer that commands huge respect in Nigeria. While his Teju Babyface Show aired on television stations in Nigeria, he kept many people glued to their tubes.

The comedian, in 2012, walked his beau, Tobi Banjoko, down the aisle at a wedding ceremony held in Lagos and attended by several dignitaries.

Speaking about his marriage, Teju described his wife as serious minded person, who is not after attention like other women despite being a former beauty queen and a modlel.

“My wife is far from the traditional romantic woman, which is the exact reason I married her. She is not the type who would jump at a gift without knowing the reason behind it. She is a very serious minded type who does not really need a man before getting things right.

“She doesn’t crave for attention like many women do. There was a time we forgot our wedding anniversary and when we remembered, we laughed at it. I would not have lasted with a woman who will nag or sob at things like that. She is a strong woman. And that is the best romantic experience I enjoy with my wife,” he told Vanguard.