Nigerian Actor Gideon Okeke who survived an accident has profusely thanked God and also attributes it all to his “prophetess Instagram follower”.

 His unidentified follower reportedly sent a DM to him before the unfortunate incident which according to Gideon,he was returning from a movie set yesterday after spending over 6hours,he left the location and hit the road only for his car brakes to fail him and that led to the unfortunate incident

“I was driving on the Lekki traffic and I stepped on my breaks but the thing just totally gave way,thank God for life. This is all that happened.” he said.

And this terrifying experience came in hours after the female fan sent the DM to him warning him to be careful.

Here’s what the fan wrote:

“Hi good morning…i’ve been very reluctant to send this message…but what’s the worst that can happen…you either ignore it or not read the message or just laugh…anyway here goes.i had a very scary dream last nyt…please be careful with who you keep close…be conscious of your environment…d shows u go to…etc…May God continue to keep u.IJN. Amen…Kind regards…” She said.

Gideon uploaded a video to share his miraculous survival and he panned the camera to show the major dent on the fender of his car.

Congrats bro….