Can one call this miracle of misery? Just like me, many would find this hard to believe honestly.

Once a corpse is deposited to the ground, after a while the body decomposes.

But in the case of a corpse that was uprooted in Epe road due to the road construction, it was gathered that the deceased was buried 14 years ago.

But it shocked many to discover that the body was intact as if she was buried just yesterday.

Well, the world is filled of mystery, and it’s hard to tell what must have preserved her corpse six feet below after so many years.

According to an eye witness Guru Adebamo who shared the story on social network, he had this to say:

“Can someone shout a big Allahu Akbar,a woman who died and was buried 14 years ago was uprooted due to the road construction ongoing in Epe and to the surprise of many, they met the same way it was in 2002.”