Mzbel has fought a lot of battles since she came to the limelight. However, one fight that she is trying to fight now is to clear her name after she was accused of snatching her once upon a time best friend, Afia Schwarzenegger.

The relationship of the pair hit the rock over rumours of snatching men from each other.

“I did not snatch Afia’s boyfriend neither did she,” she said when asked.; “I cannot say that for now. I believe God has a reason for bringing people into our lives, and he alone knows why they leave but in all, we give thanks to him.”

Few days ago, she lashed at those who were attacking her political views “It is a shame to see people insult, ridicule and attack my personality just because I was bold enough to voice out my political opinion to endorse H.E. President John Dramani Mahama. Are these not the same hypocrites who preach about peace and political participation? Why rain insults on others because they disagree with your political views?”