St. Remmy Collins, the new entrant in the music promotions and productions who sits atop the entertainment outfit

called GR Entertainment has been lauded by upcoming and top Naija artist for his versatility and sense of productivity

in the area of packaging and promotion for Marty Great a.k.a. Mr. 1759 the first artist ever-produced by his label.

The simple lifestyle in nature fellow, Saint, as he’s fondly called by friends and admirers, who works for one of the

oil servicing companies in Lagos has wonderfully done well for the Naija most promising act, Marty Great who just

launched a musical video of one of his tracks, Lyke a Tippa. St Remmy, according to those who know him too well, is

one creature a lot of his friends have found so pleasant to work with, even his teammate, we gathered, work as on


The fully registered entertainment outfit, Great Remmy Records under the leadership of the amiable and very

down-to-earth Remmy is said to be fully ready to give the talented upcoming artists/artistes in Nigeria a voice to

reckon and make them realize their potential in life.

“My aim is to discover those youngsters who have phenomenon talents in the singing, acting and what have you. We are

set to take this entertainment industry to the next level with a well-projected goal that we are dedicated to achieve,

we’re not going to relent on our oars until this is achieved.” He said.

While St. Remmy is busy projecting the image of his first artist, Martyn Great whose first effort, 1759, has been

enjoying tremendous airplays in the nation’s radio stations, his formidable team are said to be working towards

recruiting other talented artists like Martyn Great who are set to exploit new grounds in the entertainment industry.