Earlier this year, supermodel Naomi Campbell celebrated 30 years of modeling. The British model, who turned 46 in May this year began her career at the age of 15.

For the last three decades, Naomi has appeared on almost every relevant magazine cover and has strutted almost every major runway in big cities, setting the pace for black models.

Naomi landed her first magazine cover in 1986 at age 16. The black beauty has been the face of nearly every recognizable moment and image in fashion. She was the first black model on the cover of Vogue magazine.

Most supermodels have come and gone, but Naomi Campbell has been a force to reckon with over the years. To celebrate this huge landmark in her career, she has also released a two-volume book, aptly titled Naomi Campbell.

“I don’t think about age and years, I just do what I do,” Campbell said in an interview for CNN Style TV. “I try to stay within the day and I try to stay positive and enthusiastic about what I commit myself to do.”

The stunning two-volume book brings together some of the most iconic images of her career.

See some of the stunning pictures below.