Ronke Oshodi OkeIbironke Omolabake Ojo, otherwise known as Ronke Oshodi Oke, needs no introduction in the Nigerian movie industry, Ronke who is getting married on Saturday, January 24, spoke with GBENGA OLUMIDE recently about her wedding ceremony and other sundry issues. Excerpts:

Definitely, Ronke Oshodi Oke needs no introduction. But what is happening in the life of Ronke Oshodi Oke in 2009?
Good things to come. I pray for good things this 2009. Good things are coming sha.

We learnt that you are proposing to get married by somebody this year?

How is the preparation?
That’s true, I’m getting married this month precisely, on the 24th Jan, 2009 and we are preparing now, normal preparations, food and drinks, that’s the normal thing (laughs).

And who is the lucky man?
He is Mr. Sylvester Omogbolahan Anthony. He is the lucky man, he is not an actor but is a businessman; a car dealer to be precise.

Where is the event coming up?
At NPA Club, somewhere around Bode Thomas Street, Surulere, Opposite Eko Club..

Professionally, let’s talk about the film industry, what is your latest effort?
My latest effort? you mean my latest film I just shot?

The title is Ede mi (My language). It’s coming out this February. I shot part of it in the U.S last year and I concluded it here in Nigeria and it’s coming out this February. My language is the title.

A lot of people do complain about problems with marketers, I mean artistes complaining of problems with marketers and so on and so forth. Have you experienced such?
Yes, because I’m in the business. It has been like that for a very long time. But thank God, Jide Kosoko’s regime is getting better especially here in Lagos State with him and our associaton’s governor in person of Alhaji Akeem Alimi both of them are working together and things are working out little by little. We’ve been in this problem for a very long time, so it can’t just go away just like that, it’s a gradual thing but thank God things are moving on gradually. Now, there is light more than before. Also, Jide Kosoko and marketers meet almost everyday; kudos to him. He is trying his best and evrything is getting better. Though we have not got to the promised land yet I’m sure, very soon we will overcome this problem.

We know that Ronke Oshodi Oke is not a small girl, why is it that you kept late before getting married?
You see, I keep saying one thing here in life, God’s time is the best and marriage is a lifetime thing, when you rush into it, you rush out. I keep saying it, I’m not in a hurry. If I am going to spend 100 years on earth, if I am 35 in my parent’s house, which means the remaining 65years will be in my husband’s house. So, you don’t have to rush. If you rush in, you rush out. I have rushed in before, I’ve been in a relationship before, I have a baby before, so I have the experience. I have had a baby before and I know what it entails and I am not regretting it. That’s it.

In the movie industry, people talk about two problems, generally. The problem with marketers and that of piracy. How do you think these problems can be solved?
You see, the piracy stuff is all over. I will only advise people that buy our DVDs and VCDs to be very careful about what they are buying. If they want to buy movies, they should try and buy the original ones. That’s the only way they can help us. You see, it’s not as if I am encouraging the people that are pirating our movies. If we release a very good movie today, before you know it, it is already pirated in the market. It’s not as if I am encouraging them as I’ said but I am using this platform to call on the assistance of our governor, here, in Lagos, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fasola. I know he is really doing good. But I want him to come into our own world which I call the theatre world, to come to our aid. If there is any assistance he can render to us on this piracy issue, we will be happy. Some do pirate our work at home, while some do it in the market especially, at Alaba market. I’m saying this with boldness that if we get to Alaba market today, we will see plenty of our works pirated. He should use his good office to rescue us from these people called pirates. All our governments should rise up against these people because entertainment industry is not just like this five years ago or two years ago. Last year, it was not like this, so next year, I know we are going to grow. We are growing everyday but without the support of the government,my friend, we can’t go anywhere because up till today now, it’s still a one-man-show, it’s still a one man business, that is why it’s like that.

What should people be expecting on your D-Day?
They should expect good things now (laughs). Fine, I’m a known face in the entertainment industry in Nigeria, but I don’t call my self a star. I see myself like a normal human being like any other person. But people regard me as a star and I thank God for that. In short, what people see in other people’s wedding is what they are going to see on my wedding day.

How much is your wedding costing you?
Ha! let’s leave that to God because I’m not the one spending the money. I’m not the one doing it. It is God. So, God knows the best, don’t let’s start going into that now but when you come to the event, you will be able to view things yourself. Don’t let me start mentioning anything here.

Thank you

You’re welcome, my brother.